The Counselor of Embassy in Spain (Thurston) to the Secretary of State

No. 291

Sir: I have the honor to refer to the Department’s instruction number 489, dated November 22, 1937,9 (File No. 352.115/313[317]) and in compliance therewith to report as follows:

There has been no change in the status of the Commission to examine and report on foreign claims since my despatch number X–280 of December 12, 1937.10 The Secretary General of the Ministry of State informed me a few days ago that Señor Alvarez del Vayo (nominally the Chairman of the Commission) has not assumed his duties, and that no further meetings have been held. Señor Ureña expressed the hope, however, that he himself would be able to take charge of the Commission (he is Vice Chairman) and cause weekly meetings to be held.

The Commission will sit in Barcelona where, pending the allocation of other quarters, it will occupy rooms in the Ministry of State.

There is enclosed herewith a copy of a Note (No. 6) that has been addressed to the Ministry of State11 with respect to the several points mentioned in the instruction under acknowledgment about which the Department desires further information. It will be observed that it has been drafted to take cognizance of the Executive Orders transmitted with despatch X–280, of December 12th.

Respectfully yours,

Walter C. Thurston
  1. Ibid., p. 557.
  2. Not printed; it transmitted texts of two Executive Orders relating to the Claims Commission, dated October 18, 1937, and published in the Gaceta de la Republica of November 11, 1937. (352.115/323)
  3. Not printed.