852.00/8646: Telegram

The Ambassador in Spain (Bowers), Then in France, to the Secretary of State

558. 1. Hemming just returned from London to Burgos has returned to London by plane to submit some proposition to Lord Plymouth for the Ambassadors of Germany, Italy, Portugal, England, and France he admits he represents. Note that he reports to Chairman of Non-intervention Committee. Indications that this Committee has been irregularly reorganized to eliminate all friends of the legal Spanish Government and that the proposition to be submitted will be quite in “the spirit of Munich”. Personally convinced it is impossible for Franco to agree to withdrawal of his German and Italian allies.

2. A pro-Franco member Diplomatic Corps just returned, unofficial observer rebel territory, assures me that conditions behind the lines are quite serious because of bitterness of factional dissensions and that physical combats between factions in Burgos last week. From another completely dependable source told that one more reverse for Franco would be fatal. Am positive behind the line hostilities far more serious in rebel than in Government Spain. Caldwell, manager Telephone in Spain, just out, thinks Negrín firmly in the saddle.