Memorandum of Conversation, by the Chief of the Division of the American Republics (Duggan)

Participants: Mr. Thomas R. Armstrong, Standard Oil Co. of New Jersey
Mr. A. M. Anderson, Standard Oil Co. of New Jersey
Mr. W. D. Tschudin, Consolidated Oil Co. (Prairie interests)
Judge Feuille, Standard Oil Co. of California
Mr. Sumner Welles, Under Secretary of State
Mr. Green H. Hackworth, Legal Adviser of the Department of State
Mr. Duggan.

Mr. Armstrong stated that the delegation was calling on Mr. Welles to express its concern at the report of the committee appointed by the National Labor Board to investigate the financial status of the companies in order to determine whether the companies could meet the demands of the workers. Mr. Armstrong stated that he could best set forth the views of the companies by reading a letter. Mr. Armstrong then read a letter addressed to the Secretary of State, which he left with the Department.65

After Mr. Armstrong had read the letter Mr. Welles inquired of Mr. Armstrong what action the companies desired. Mr. Armstrong stated that the companies hoped that the Department would approach the Mexican Government and inform it of its concern at the apparent intentions of the Mexican Government to impose burdensome conditions upon the oil industry. Mr. Welles replied that the Mexican Government was already aware of the attitude of this Government, and then inquired what else the companies had in mind. Mr. Armstrong thought that we should have the Embassy request that the decision of the Labor Board be deferred until the Department should have an opportunity to study the case. Mr. Welles stated that the President of Mexico was away from the capital, that he did not think that there was anyone there whom we could approach to advantage, and suggested that a representative of the companies in Mexico might be able to arrange it. Finally, Mr. Welles stated that the only ground for action by the Department would be a denial of justice and asked that the delegation turn over to the office of the [Page 667] Legal Adviser the documents it had brought and discuss the matter with that office. This was done.

Laurence Duggan
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