838.51/3396: Telegram

The Chargé in Haiti (Finley) to the Secretary of State

50. Legation’s 47 of July 17, 1 p.m. Leger sent for me this morning in accordance with his promise and said that he had heard nothing from the French Government except the report of his Minister in Paris to the effect that France would not sign a commercial convention with Haiti except on the basis of a payment of 1000 francs per bond to the 1910 holders. Inasmuch as a week had elapsed since his last conversation with the French Minister here he no longer considers himself bound, even morally, to pay the French holders the 10,000,000 francs he had informally offered them. He has not yet, however, had an opportunity to inform Monsieur de Lens of his decision owing to the reluctance of the latter to come down from Kenscoff. He has not sent for him formally and expects to inform him tomorrow. Meanwhile, he said I might inform my Government. He will let me know as soon as this conversation has taken place.