838.51/3381: Telegram

The Minister in Haiti ( Gordon ) to the Secretary of State

47. My 44, July 15, 1 p.m. Leger excused himself for not having seen me yesterday saying that he had returned too late from Kenscoff. However, I have this morning had long conversations with him and with the President the net result of which as regards the 1910 claim is as follows:

Leger will see the French Minister tomorrow or Monday and, referring to the 10,000,000 francs proposition informally made to the [Page 581] French Government, tell him that if the French Government now agrees to such settlement Leger is prepared to go through with it as far as the Haitian Government is concerned. Leger will again say categorically to the French Minister that under the terms of the 1933 agreement such settlement cannot be consummated unless the agreement of the American Government is secured.

If the French Minister is not prepared to agree and does not secure his Government’s agreement by cable within a week at most Leger will formally tell him that the Haitian Government resumes its full liberty of action concerning the 1910 claim and no longer considers itself even morally bound by any informal propositions heretofore made.

I shall report more fully on other phases of my conversation with the President upon my forthcoming arrival in the Department.