Memorandum of Conversation, by the Under Secretary of State (Welles)

The Ambassador of Chile called upon me today by instruction of his Government. The Ambassador said that the Government of Chile was preoccupied with the possible difficulties that might arise in the negotiations between Peru and Ecuador for the settlement of their boundary controversy as a result of the installation of the new government headed by Colonel Enriquez in Ecuador. The Ambassador asked if I would let him have the views of this Government with regard to the extension of recognition to the new regime.

I told the Ambassador that his coming was a very happy coincidence, since on Saturday evening I had made exactly the same move vis-à-vis Chile by sending a cable to our Ambassador in Santiago asking him to inquire of the Government of Chile what its views in this same matter might be. I told the Ambassador of the reply received today from Ambassador Philip and expressed my particular appreciation of the friendly advice and information given us by his Government. I said that in view of the information received, this Government had determined to instruct the American Minister in Quito tomorrow, November 2, to advise the new government of Ecuador that the United States was pleased to continue friendly relations with that Government. The Ambassador expressed his gratitude for the information given and said that he would at once cable his Government in that sense.

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