822.00 Revolutions/87: Telegram

The Minister in Ecuador (Gonzalez) to the Secretary of State

63. Referring to Department’s telegram No. 48, October 27, 7 p.m. Carlos Manuel Larrea took office today as Minister for Foreign Affairs and has sent a note informing me of the change of government. He states that complete tranquility and order prevails and that the Ecuadorean Government in its foreign relations “proposes to continue its policy of respect for law and the inviolability of international treaties and conventions. It desires to offer to all nations its friendly cooperation for the normal development of cultural and commercial interchange and for the preservation of peace and progress.” He concludes with the statement that his Government will be pleased to continue cultivating the good relations of friendship which it happily maintains with the United States.

The situation is not yet sufficiently clarified to permit a categorical answer on the points raised by the Department. However, consensus of opinion seems to be that the new regime is not competent to cope with the situation and that open dissension may develop within the armed forces. For the moment public opinion is apathetic and awaiting developments.

Diplomatic Corps with the exception of the French seems reluctant to make favorable recommendation.