The American Delegate (Braden) to the Secretary of State

No. 558

Sir: I have the honor to enclose in Spanish and in English translation the text of a possible modus vivendi27 in substitution for the security regulations of April 23, 1937, at least until such time as those regulations are approved by a Paraguayan Congress.

The enclosed text has been arrived at through discussion between the Paraguayan delegation and the committee chairmanned by Dr. Ruiz Moreno, second Argentine delegate. The Paraguayan delegation is referring Article 2 and Article 6 to their government for approval. The project has not yet been discussed with the Bolivian delegation.

I am not commenting at this time but merely transmitting the text in order possibly to save cable costs later.

Respectfully yours,

Spruille Braden
  1. See The Chaco Peace Conference, p. 128.