724.34119/1103: Telegram

The Ambassador in Argentina (Weddell) to the Secretary of State

212. From Braden for the Under Secretary. On October 29 the Brazilian delegate received telegram from his Foreign Office quoting report from Brazilian Minister at La Paz that the Argentine Military Attaché there had declared to President Busch, Chief of Staff, and other prominent officers he was authorized to give them to understand that Saavedra Lamas being convinced the final treaty could not be [Page 35]reached by the Peace Conference suggested doing away with it thus leaving negotiations to Argentina as sole mediator.

Brazilian delegate was further informed yesterday the source was Bolivian Minister in Brazil now in La Paz, confirmed by Under Secretary for Foreign Affairs. I have requested confirmation from Caldwell.

The Argentine Military Attaché may have exceeded his instructions but under any circumstances the incident is serious if confirmed. As soon as we are satisfied of the facts my Brazilian colleague and I will consult as to what action we can recommend. [Braden.]