711.922/99: Telegram

The Minister in Siam ( Neville ) to the Secretary of State

31. Department’s 23, October 29, 7 p.m.

1 (a), protocol. The Siamese suggest after “due process of law” the following “subject to the application of international law” or “without prejudice to settlement according to international law” instead of Department’s wording as being easier to explain to Assembly.

Paragraph 8. The Siamese do not insist on iron.

  • Article 3, paragraph 6, wording of paragraph 1 (b) protocol accepted here.
  • Article 4, monopoly. Department’s wording accepted.

Department’s numbering of paragraphs of final protocol accepted.

[Page 871]

The Minister of Foreign Affairs asked me whether I was in a position to join him in a public statement in regard to progress with the treaty in case we could not finish in time. I told him I was. He showed extreme anxiety to include some wording regarding immovable property and drafted and suggested the following as I left. “Furthermore the nationals of the High Contracting Parties shall, in conformity with the provisions of law in force in the country, have the right to acquire, possess, and dispose of every kind of movable property. As regards the acquisition, possession and disposition of immovable property the nationals of each of the High Contracting Parties shall enjoy in the territories of the other the treatment accorded by the laws of the place where the property is situated.” The Department will note that it contains a reference to movable property as well which is already in the draft.

If the Department’s wording of the land clause and the exchange of notes can be speeded up, I urge that it be done.