Memorandum of Conversation, by the Chief of the Division of Far Eastern Affairs (Hamilton)

The Siamese Minister called at his request. He said that yesterday he had received a telegram from the Siamese Government stating [Page 865] that the Siamese Government very much hoped that it would be possible to sign a new treaty between the United States and Siam on or before November 5. He said that his telegram indicated that the Siamese Government had made a number of suggestions in regard to the language of one of the counter-drafts proposed by the Department, but that the Siamese Minister for Foreign Affairs could see no reason why the treaty could not be signed at an early date and not later than November 5.

I told the Minister that we had received from Mr. Neville a telegram setting forth the suggestions which the Siamese Government had offered; that we were studying these suggestions; and that, while we might wish to offer certain counter-suggestions, we did not anticipate any great difficulty in regard to any of the matters with the exception of a provision relating to immovable property rights. I said that we were giving this whole matter of the treaty negotiations special attention and that we anticipated that we could before November 5 clear up all points with the exception of the immovable property question. I said that in reference to that question it was possible that we would be prepared to proceed by November 5 but that I personally had doubt whether we could by that date be ready to act in regard to the immovable property provision. I told the Minister that we would, however, before November 5 expect to inform the Siamese Government as to how the situation stood here.

M[axwell] M. H[amilton]