The Ambassador in Japan ( Grew ) to the Secretary of State

No. 2385

Sir: With reference to the Embassy’s despatch No. 2338 of April 1, 1937,49 relating to the settlement of the perpetual lease question, I have the honor to report that the Japanese Foreign Office on Thursday, April 15, exchanged notes with the French Ambassador and the Swiss Minister for the relinquishment of the perpetual leases held by French and Swiss nationals. The notes are reported to be of the same purport as those exchanged with the British Embassy and ourselves on March 25, 1937.

According to a report issued by Domei, the texts of official notes to be exchanged with Italy, Holland, Denmark, and Portugal in settlement of perpetual leases held by nationals of those countries will be considered by the Privy Council holding its regular session today. The exchange of notes with those countries will conclude negotiations for the termination of perpetual leaseholds held by foreign nationals in Japan.

Respectfully yours,

Joseph C. Grew
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