694.006/8: Telegram

The Ambassador in Japan (Grew) to the Secretary of State

119. Embassy’s despatch No. 2330, March 24, 1937.99

At a farewell dinner given the Kadono Economic Mission on April 21 the Minister for Foreign Affairs said that although it may be impossible completely to restore the international free trade of the past the present trend towards extreme trade protection should be checked and that Japan should join in the movement in America and Europe for freer international trade.
Yesterday it was reported in the press that the Finance Office has decided to continue after July 1 the import exchange control measures adopted on January 8th and to enlarge the scope of the measures so as gradually to restrict imports into Japan of non-essential materials and luxury goods.
The inconsistency involved in these two policies is indicated to the Department for its information should it have occasion to consult with the mission.
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