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Memorandum by President Roosevelt 75

I am delighted with your memorandum in regard to Alaska salmon which you sent to Grew.

You speak of the “shelf” extending as a kind of “bridge” from the shore line out to keep [deep] water.

That gives me the thought that it might be possible, if the worst comes to the worst, to forbid fishing on this “shelf” and to a distance of perhaps twelve miles beyond it into real deep water.

Could you:

Let me have a map showing the depth contours of the Alaskan Coast, and,
The estimate from the experts as to which contour depth could be chosen as affording complete protection.

You are right in saying that far more than the Bristol Bay area is involved. Whatever we do should protect the entire shore line of the whole of Alaska.

Please read this in connection with the previously dictated memorandum appended hereto.75a I think it is well worthwhile to stress not only the investment in this American industry but also its relationship as a large factor in the American food supply.

F[ranklin] D. R[oosevelt]
  1. Addressed to the Secretary of State and the Counselor of the Department of State.
  2. Presumably the memorandum of November 21, p. 768.