711.008 North Pacific/163½

Memorandum by Mr. Joseph W. Ballantine of the Division of Far Eastern Affairs of a Conversation With Commander Derby of the United States Coast Guard

Commander Derby informed Mr. Ballantine over the telephone that a message had been received from the Daphne that it has returned to Unalaska from its special reconnaissance carrying Mr. Sturgeon58 and a representative of the fishing industry (Mr. Arnold59). The Daphne reported that no alien fishing vessels were observed and that there is very convincing evidence that alien fishing vessels have all left Bering Sea. This opinion is concurred in by representatives of the American fishing industry and by the American cod fishing fleet which has made similar observations. Commander Derby said that he would send Mr. Ballantine a copy of the message.

Commander Derby added that Mr. Bell, Commissioner of Fisheries, had asked whether the Coast Guard could make available for a reconnaissance by representatives of the Bureau of Fisheries the Duane, an up to date vessel equipped with planes. The Coast Guard informed Mr. Bell that they would comply with this request and issue orders accordingly, but in view of the report just received they have canceled the orders.

  1. Leo D. Sturgeon, of the Division of Far Eastern Affairs.
  2. W. C. Arnold.