793.94 Conference/42

The Secretary of State to the Belgian Ambassador ( Van der Straten-Ponthoz )

The Secretary of State presents his compliments to the Royal Belgian Ambassador and has the honor to acknowledge receipt of his note of October 16, 1937,2 stating that the Royal Belgian Government, at the request of the British Government and with the approval of the Government of the United States, proposes to the States signatory [Page 83] to the Treaty of February 6, 1922, that they meet in Brussels on October 30 for the purpose of examining, in conformity with Article VII of that Treaty, the situation in the Far East, and of studying peaceable means of hastening an end of the regrettable conflict which prevails there.

The Government of the United States is glad to accept this invitation and the President has designated the Honorable Norman H. Davis as the delegate of the United States. The American delegation will sail from New York on the Steamship Washington on October 20th next.

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