711.008 North Pacific/94a: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Japan ( Grew )

79. The President and various senators have been receiving telegrams from American Pacific coast and Alaskan fisheries interests insisting upon action being taken in connection with Japanese fishing activities in Alaskan waters. Some of these telegrams which have been referred to the Department allege that over 100 Japanese fishing vessels including 5 large steamers are already in Alaskan waters preparatory to invading the Bristol Bay salmon fisheries and that some of them are already there engaged in fishing. The Coast Guard, after an investigation made at the instance of the Department, reports that in addition to the Hakuyo Maru, the Kaihoku Maru with 11 trawlers and the Toten Maru with 8 launches and one 90 foot crab trap planter are in Bristol Bay.

Although it seems unlikely, as the salmon run has not yet commenced, that these vessels are engaged in salmon fishing, the Department requests that you endeavor to ascertain from the Foreign Office whether the Japanese Government has made any change in the policy mentioned in your despatch No. 1558 of November 20, 1935,54 of refusing to permit Japanese vessels to fish for salmon in waters adjacent to Alaska.

Please report promptly by cable.

  1. Not printed.