893.51 Russian Issue/53: Telegram

The Ambassador in China (Johnson) to the Secretary of State

20. My despatch November 6 from Peiping81 concerning Russian issue reorganization loan bonds. In Foreign Office note dated December 30, the Ministry of Finance is quoted as stating in part that the time limit for the exchange of the yellow bonds expired in May, 1930 and that it is now impossible to take any action with regard to the bonds held by American citizens. The Ministry of Finance adds that there is no record in its archives of the reported arrangement with two other nationalities named.

I request the Department’s instructions whether the Embassy is to attempt to alter the ruling of the Ministry of Finance and if so to what extent reference may be made to the sources of information concerning the reported arrangements made in favor of other nationalities. Some degree of secrecy seems to have been imposed.

By mail to Peiping.