893.48/1202: Telegram

The Consul General at Shanghai (Gauss) to the Secretary of State

735. Red Cross Society of China invited a number of foreign residents to a meeting on 18th September for announced purpose of establishing at Shanghai a regional committee on Chinese and foreigners. I am informed that the proposals discussed would have left the foreign participation without any substantial influence or supervision over the funds from foreign sources. It was therefore pointed out that a representative of the International Red Cross Committee was represented to be en route to Shanghai and that the matter should be studied here by a small group before action is taken.

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While I am unable on account of pressure of official business to take any active part foreign [in this?] matter, I am in close touch with responsible interested Americans who have consulted me. I hold the view which they share that in preference to direct foreign association with the Chinese Red Cross it would be desirable to establish either an international or an American advisory committee or auxiliary which might be entrusted with the allocation of funds under suitable guarantees and which might also give assistance to the Chinese Red Cross in those activities which are considered worthy of support.
I would be glad if the foregoing might be put before Admiral Grayson and his views obtained as to the desirability of directing American support to some form of advisory committee or auxiliary, either American or international. It would also be helpful to know the name of the International Red Cross Committee representative en route to Shanghai, when he will arrive, and for my confidential information whether we should be guided by him in determining the form of foreign participation or assistance in the Red Cross organization for this area.