893.51/6330: Telegram

The Ambassador in the United Kingdom ( Bingham ) to the Secretary of State

143. Department’s 82, March 12, 8 [6] p.m. I presented memorandum this afternoon. After reading it Cadogan said he hoped it [Page 578] did not mean the United States Government was unsympathetic to the views of his Government but from the language of it felt encouraged to believe this was not the case. As regards paragraph 2 he stated his Government was also in sympathy with the suggestion and later would want to “explore the question further with you.” Before that, however, he would have to consult with the Treasury and Leith-Ross48 and possibly after that Sir Charles Addis. In any event he felt sure that his Government considered favorably retaining such major objects of the Consortium as might prove possible.

In conclusion he again defended the British position in detail and was obviously satisfied that, according to his interpretation, the American Government had not taken any exception.

  1. Sir Frederick William Leith-Ross, Chief Economic Adviser to the British Government.