The Chief of the Division of Far Eastern Affairs (Hornbeck) to Mr. Thomas W. Lamont36 of New York

Dear Mr. Lamont: There is enclosed for your strictly confidential information a copy of a self-explanatory telegram under date February 10, from the American Embassy at London,36a which relates further to the question of the continued existence of the China Consortium.

It is my thought that, although the Department will in all probability wish to await the receipt of the memorandum of the British Foreign Office before formulating a reply to the suggestion that the Consortium agreement be dissolved, there would be advantage in the Department’s making known to the British Government as promptly as may be practicable the views (conclusions) of the American Government in regard to the subject under discussion. We are, therefore, without awaiting the receipt of the full text of the Foreign Office memorandum, giving you the information which the Department now has.

Naturally we look forward with interest to the receipt of an indication of your views in regard to this latest and highly important development in the subject of the China Consortium.

Might I suggest that for the time being, while I am exploring the situation here, you treat this communication as confidential to you.

Sincerely yours,

Stanley K. Hornbeck
  1. Representative of the American Group of the China Consortium; member of J. P. Morgan & Co.
  2. Supra.