893.00/13975: Telegram

The Consul General at Shanghai (Gauss) to the Secretary of State

86. 1. China Inland Mission here has just informed me that on February 13th a telegram was received from Hanchung, South Shensi, to the effect that “with official permission” American and other missionaries had left for Fengsiang, Shensi. A telegram dated February 14th from Fengsiang stated “Tsingning, Pingliang, Meihsien, Fengsiang missionaries arrived safely peaceful”. Americans in this group believed by China Inland Mission to be Mrs. Smail, Mr. Peterson, Miss Madsen, Miss Wedicson and Miss Thompson. Return was not authorized by China Inland Mission nor by Swenson of Scandinavian Alliance Mission. Swenson has also informed me that on February 16 he wired Americans of his mission at Chengtu, who had informed him of their intention to return to their stations, to remain at Chengtu.

2. Swenson inquired whether it was safe for American missionaries to return to Sian and other mission stations in western Shensi and eastern Kansu and was informed that this office had not been so advised by the Embassy. He was advised to urge Americans connected with his mission and the China Inland Mission not to return precipitately to their stations but to await consular advices.

3. Repeated to the Department, Peiping and Hankow for information.