893.00/13916: Telegram

The Ambassador in China (Johnson) to the Secretary of State

22. 1. The following telegram from Barrett at Loyang was received this morning:

“If evacuation by air proves impracticable or is greatly delayed I believe assurance from Central Government to Yang Hu Cheng that land vehicles used in evacuation foreigners to Hwahsien would not be detained would facilitate negotiations for evacuation by land. Fraser10 concurs. Repeated American Military Attaché, Peiping.”

2. In reply I have sent Barrett the following telegram:

“General Ho Ying Chin11 has telegraphed to General Yang Hu Cheng and informed him that land vehicles used in evacuating foreigners to Hwahsien will not be detained. I have suggested possibility of sending military land vehicles from Hwahsien to Sian. Matter now being explored. Can you and Fraser make inquiries Loyang regarding this possibility? Either you or Fraser or both might accompany vehicles to Sian for the purpose of making contact with foreigners and bringing them out.”

3. Yesterday morning I sent the following telegram to General Yang Hu Cheng at Sian:

“American citizens at Sian desire to leave Sian. I am anxious to facilitate their departure. Can you assist me to this end”? [Page 555] No reply thus far has been received. In accordance with Barrett’s suggestion of today I have telegraphed General Yang today as follows:

“My telegram of January 13. Can you furnish bus accommodation for American and other foreigners to travel from Sian to Hwahsien? Government assures me busses will not be detained in Hwahsien.”

4. I have also sent the following telegram today to the Scandinavian Alliance Mission at Sian:

“Please see Scott and explore possibility of travel by bus from Sian to Hwahsien. Government assures me that busses will not be detained at Hwahsien.”

  1. Maj. William A. Lovat-Fraser, British Military Attaché in China.
  2. Chinese Minister of War (Military Affairs).