893.00/13888: Telegram

The Ambassador in China (Johnson) to the Secretary of State

12. Vice Minister Hsu Mo telephoned to say that Foreign Office had telegraphed to Yang Hu Cheng asking him to make arrangements for [Page 552] the evacuation of foreigners from Sian, but that no reply had been received. He stated that he had canvassed the situation with the military authorities and with the Minister of Communications and had learned that no air communication was now available to Sian and that the Eurasia Company was not willing to send a plane there. He said that the Government would put no obstacles in the way of an airplane visiting Sian for the purpose of evacuating foreigners if private arrangements for such a plane were made. Vice Minister Hsu Mo suggested that perhaps Yang Hu Cheng could arrange for evacuation by motorcar to Huahsien where the Government forces were in control, or by a special train from Sian to Tungkwan. Vice Minister Hsu Mo promised to give me any further information when received.

I have suggested to Howe8 the sending of a telegram through the British Embassy to Scott now at Sian suggesting that he inquire of Yang Hu Cheng as to the feasibility of evacuation by bus or train to Huahsien.

Sent to Peiping, Hankow; by mail to Shanghai.

  1. R. G. Howe, Counselor of the British Embassy in China at Nanking.