893.00/13880: Telegram

The Counselor of Embassy in China (Lockhart) to the Secretary of State

13. Captain R. Scott, British military language officer, now in Sian and has telegraphed British Embassy here under date of January 6th that missionaries at Sian report no immediate danger and that Yang Hu Cheng3 and Commanders 57th and 67th Armies guarantee safety of missionaries and will undertake to give facilities for evacuation if this should become necessary; that despite these assurances missionaries are apprehensive. Scott reports that situation obscure but that relations between local authorities and British and Americans are pleasant and that all is quiet on the surface; that Yang Hu Cheng and the northeastern armies are united in anti-Japanese front and that they will not fight Communists. Scott reports news from Kansu satisfactory.

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Captain Barrett4 leaving tonight for Loyang. No train last night.

Repeated to Nanking, Shanghai and Hankow. Code text by mail to Tokyo.

  1. Pacification Commissioner for Shensi.
  2. Capt. David D. Barrett, Assistant Military Attaché in China.