711.00111 Lic. Martin Company, Glenn L./93/21: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Consul at Hong Kong ( Donovan )

Telegram of August 26 and instruction of August 27,29 in regard to arms export license No. 2965. Glenn L. Martin informs me that its mechanics in Hong Kong are to assemble the planes.30 One of the mechanics, Harry Roland, care Pan American Airways, is stated to have in his possession a letter presumably from a consular officer, informing him that he will render himself liable to fine and imprisonment if he assists the Chinese Government in any way. This letter appears to have raised doubts in the minds of the mechanics as to whether they can legally proceed with the assembling of the planes.

The Department perceives no legal or other objection to the assembling by American mechanics of these planes which were legally [Page 539] exported. Unless circumstances unknown to the Department lead you to some other conclusion, you should so inform Roland.

Report by telegram giving text of the letter in question.

  1. Neither printed.
  2. Three airplanes, nine machine guns, and various other items were shipped on Chinese vessel, Tai Yin, to the Chinese Minister of Finance, Kung.