394.115 Panay/70: Telegram

The Commander in Chief of the United States Asiatic Fleet (Yarnell) to the Chief of Naval Operations (Leahy)79

0015. H.M.S. Bee reports first group Panay survivors arrived 2350 Tuesday, remainder at 0200 today. Two coffins will be brought out at 0900 today. As far as can be learned all persons accounted for. Following stretcher cases: Lt. Comdr. J. J. Hughes, Lt. A. F. Anders, K. J. Rice (E.M. 3d), J. H. Lang (C.Q.M.), C. H. Birk (E.M. 1st), A. A. Kozak (M.M. 2d), E. W. G. Hulsebus (Cox’n), P. D. Ziegler [Page 502] (S.C. 3d), C. S. Schroyer (Sea’n 1st), N. L. Davis (F 1st), Mr. Gassie, Embassy clerk. MacDonald,80 correspondent, among first group survivors, reports Panay hit about 1350 12th by bomb from great height. Ship abandoned at 1405. Before vessel sank was machine gunned by two Japanese Army motor boats whose crews boarded about 1554 and left before vessel sank. Colors were flying and clearly visible during whole time. Oahu radio was out of commission 10 hours, now back in commission.

  1. Copy transmitted to the Department by the Navy Department.
  2. Malcolm MacDonald, correspondent of the London Times.