394.115 Panay/9: Telegram

The Ambassador in China ( Johnson ) to the Secretary of State

32. I have just had the following telephone message from Dr. Taylor at Anking:

“Dr. Taylor said that he had had a further communication with Mr. Atcheson. Atcheson reported that the staff of the gunboat were safe, although one sailor had died, and the Captain and Executive Officer had been wounded.

Dr. Taylor stated that Atcheson was afraid that they could not go to the river as the Japanese were machine gunning Hohsien. He said that he had told Atcheson to remain in Hohsien for the time being. He said that Atcheson asked that the Japanese be asked not to attack Hohsien, as Japanese patrols were on north bank of river and were about to, or had already attacked Hohsien.”

Please immediately communicate this information to the appropriate Japanese authorities.

Sent to Shanghai, repeated to Department, Peiping.