793.94/9168: Telegram

The Consul General at Hankow ( Josselyn ) to the Secretary of State

1. The following joint letter dated August 3 has been sent to Chairman of Hupeh Province and Japanese Acting Consul General respectively. Letter was signed by Consuls General for Germany, United States of America and Great Britain and Consuls for France and Italy.

“In view of the state of tension now unfortunately existing in Hankow, we, the undersigned, have the honor to invite your attention to the tax on our nationals here in respect to their lives, property and shipping. We express the earnest hope that due regard will be given by the authorities concerned to these interests in the present situation.”

2. Letter dated August 3 sent by Senior Consul on behalf of consular officers mentioned in paragraph 1 to Dean of the Diplomatic Body, Nanking, describing local situation and expressing hope that means may be devised by Diplomatic Body to avoid hostilities. Letter concludes as follows: “Should diplomatic representations prove of no avail we would nevertheless be greatly obliged if the Ambassadors could obtain assurance from both sides that if possible notice should be given to the Hankow Consuls in time to ensure that they should be able to give due warning to their nationals.” Copies by mail.33

3. Sent to Nanking, repeated to Department and Peiping.

  1. Not printed.