793.94 Conference/235: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Chairman of the American Delegation (Davis)

62. Your 34, November 14, midnight.

I have been giving consideration to the suggestion that you might remain in Europe for a brief period after the close of the present phase of the Conference, which you anticipate for the end of this week or the beginning of next. I will advise you subsequently in regard to this.
I note that you consider it possible to embody in the final resolution the points referred to in my No. 60, which you have not already covered. We are preparing and expect to send you tomorrow a telegram amplifying certain of those points and setting forth more clearly than we have done heretofore the ideas which we feel should be incorporated in the final resolution of the Conference.
In respect to your apprehension shared by Eden that the contemplated end of this phase of your work will be construed as an anti-climax, we feel that a strong re-affirmation of the principles which should underlie international relationships, especially if adopted by the Conference in the immediate future, would be the best method of off-setting such criticism.
You suggest declarations of individual policy in the line of a re-affirmation as to non-recognition of situations created in contravention of obligations. I am inclined now to think that such a declaration might be premature and if it is to be adopted might more advantageously be done at some later stage. However, the idea might be indicated now without being expressed in explicit terms.
As to your suggested declaration against government loans and credits and the tightening of private loans and credits, you will recall that such measures are outside of the scope of the terms of the invitation to the Conference. You will further recall that the nations of the League assembled at Geneva definitely avoided the adoption of any such measures.