793.94/10040: Telegram

The Consul at Geneva (Bucknell) to the Secretary of State

284. The Chinese delegation today issued a communiqué to the press stating that:

“In view of the unprecedented gravity of Japanese aggression in China, the Chinese Government decides to bring the matter once more before the League of Nations.

A written appeal will be submitted to the League within a few days.”

After a brief description of Japanese aggression the statement affirms China’s belief that the League

“should and [now?] undertake immediate and effective measures to put a stop to the intolerable continuance of Japanese aggressive and atrocious activities in China and to uphold the sanctity of international treaties. It is also their hope that the United States of America, devoted as she is to the cause of peace and international justice, will associate herself with the actions of the League in the future, as in the past; and that other nations having interests in the Far East but nonmembers of the League will likewise contribute their share to the general efforts to check aggression and bring about peace in Eastern Asia”.