793.94/9871: Telegram

The Ambassador in France ( Bullitt ) to the Secretary of State

1238. Delbos at luncheon today said that the second question he wished to discuss with me was far more important than the question of Haiti.15 The Chinese Government desired to bring the question of Japanese aggression against China before the League of Nations at the September meeting. He would be opposed to the League dealing with this question except on condition that the United States should be prepared to send an observer to attend the sessions of the League as had been done when the Japanese had invaded Manchuria. He asked me whether or not the United States Government would be prepared to send an observer to attend the sessions of the League.

I replied that I had no information whatsoever on this subject, that I had explained to him repeatedly that it was the desire of the United States not to engage in any joint action in the Far East and asked him what procedure he would envisage if the United States should send an observer. He replied that if the United States should send an observer the League he believed would condemn the Japanese aggression against China and would expect the United States to make a [Page 11] parallel though independent condemnation. He then asked me please to inform him as soon as possible with regard to the position of my Government on this question. I replied that I would ask for instructions. He went on to say that while he was certain that the condemnation of Japanese aggression by the League would not be of any great importance it would nevertheless be heartening to the Chinese and would be of some assistance to them in obtaining for them the support of public opinion throughout the world. He then repeated his request that I should ascertain the position of our Government as soon as possible. I should be grateful for instructions.