The Brazilian Embassy to the Department of State


The Government of Brazil, in the firm and decided purpose of responding to the desire expressed by the Government of the United States of America for the conclusion of a new trade agreement to secure the even greater expansion of the interchange of goods between the two countries, has examined in a sincere spirit of collaboration the part of the American proposal relating to reciprocal tariff facilities.

The Government of Brazil wishes to emphasize, in the first place, that in the preparation of its new customs tariff it had in view the restriction to the minimum of the protection which the industries already established in the country can not do without, without disorganizing the economic set-up required by the special conditions of Brazil and which, on more than one occasion already, has proved its worth, to the benefit, chiefly, of the most necessitous part of her population.
In this new tariff, moreover, many articles that are of special interest to American exporters to Brazil were contemplated with reductions, deference having been shown, moreover, in this way, to the suggestions made in the former proposal presented by the United States of America.
Wishing, notwithstanding this, to show, in a real way, its purpose to offer even greater facilities to American industries, the Government of Brazil is prepared to grant the following tariff advantages to the products of American origin, enumerated below.
The Government of Brazil assumes the obligation not to change, during the life of the treaty, the duties at present levied on the following products:
[The list of products which here follows has been omitted.] In this way, the Brazilian Government followed all the suggestions contained in the American proposal, relating to a stabilization of the present duties, with the exception, merely, of those referring to radios of more than 100 kilos (last three paragraphs of item 1583).
The government of Brazil, furthermore, is prepared to make certain reductions in duties in its present tariff, the Embassy of Brazil at Washington being ready to begin at once the conversations on the subject.