611.3231/617: Telegram

The Ambassador in Brazil ( Gibson ) to the Secretary of State

174. Your 107, August 14, 7 p.m.

Legislative approval necessary.
Under the terms of the new constitution the present legislature may remain in session until May 3d, 1935 on which date the successful candidates of elections to be held partly in October of this year and partly in January of new year will take office.
In the present legislature there are three currents.
For adjourning definitely on November 3.
Adjourning definitely on December 31.
For continuous session until May 3, 1935.
In the opinion of the Secretary General of the Assembly the present legislature will adjourn on December 31.
One prominent deputy consulted believes that in view of Government’s overwhelming majority in present Assembly as well as the fact that there will probably be in his opinion little opposition to questions of this nature 2 weeks should suffice for approving any international acts.