The Secretary of the Navy ( Swanson ) to the Secretary of State

Sir: With further reference to the correspondence on the subject of the request of the Argentine Government to have several U. S. Naval Officers act as advisors to that Government, by virtue of the authority conferred by Act of Congress of May 19, 1926 (44 Stat. 565, Ch. 334), I take pleasure in informing you that the details coincident with this request have been completed.

Captain William A. Glassford, Jr., U. S. Navy, Commander Joel W. Bunkley, U. S. Navy, and Commander Frederick L. Riefkohl, U. S. Navy, have signed personal contracts with the Argentine Naval Attaché in Washington, representing the Argentine Navy Department, agreeing to act as advisors to the Argentine Navy Department with particular reference to assisting in the course of instruction at the Argentine Naval War College, for a period ending 1 January, 1936, with the proviso that, by mutual consent, the contract may be extended to 1 January, 1937. Copies of these contracts are on file in the Navy Department.

These officers will sail from New York on the Northern Prince on 12 January, 1935, and will arrive in Buenos Aires on January 29, 1935.


Claude A. Swanson