The Minister in Panama ( Gonzalez ) to the Secretary of State

No. 456

Sir: I have the honor to refer to Instruction No. 174 of October 17, 1934 wherein I was instructed to inform the Panamanian authorities of a provision in the appropriation act approved by the President June 19, 1934 regarding the Inter-American highway, and also to explain Section 15 of the act approved on June 18, 1934. I was further instructed [Page 478] to ascertain and report as soon as practicable whether the Government of Panama accepts the reconnaissance survey route as outlined in the Department’s Instruction of May 28, 193416 which has been delivered to the Panamanian Government.

In compliance with the above instruction, I addressed a note to the Foreign Office, copy of which is attached hereto,16 and have received a reply dated October 23, 1934 from the Secretary of Foreign Affairs, copy and translation of which are enclosed herewith.

Respectfully yours,

Antonio C. Gonzalez

The Panaman Minister for Foreign Affairs ( Arosemena ) to the American Minister ( Gonzalez )

D. D. No. 1785

Mr. Minister: I am pleased to refer to Your Excellency’s favor No. 271 of the 22nd instant.16

My Government has received with special approbation the information which Your Excellency gives us in relation to the dispositions contained in the last laws issued by the United States Congress and approved by the Executive Power, on the work of laying out and constructing the proposed Inter-American Highway, and accepts with pleasure the determined route across Panama in the report of the survey which Your Excellency kindly sent to us on the 11th of June of this year as an enclosure to your Note No. 191.

I take this opportunity [etc.]

J. D. Arosemena
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