713.1311/249: Telegram

The Minister in Honduras (Lay) to the Secretary of State

16. Referring to my telegram No. 14, February 16 [15], 6 p.m. The Minister of Foreign Affairs told me yesterday with reference to Izaguirre’s visit to Washington that Honduras is anxious that forthcoming Conference shall accomplish something practical and really effective in the interest of peace in Central America. He said that while he realized that the United States did not wish to mix in purely Central American projects that President Carias desires Izaguirre and Dr. Paz Baraona17 to consult with the Department regarding the moral support that our Government may be able to extend in the interest of peace in Central America. He did not suggest specifically what form of moral support his Government desired but intimated that without some assurance of support from the United States it would be very difficult to negotiate satisfactory modified peace treaties at the forthcoming Conference at Guatemala City.

Repeated to Central American missions.

  1. Miguel Paz Baraona, Honduran Minister in the United States.