713.1311/240: Telegram

The Chargé in El Salvador (McCafferty) to the Secretary of State

6. President Martínez has informed President Sacasa that he accepts with pleasure the invitation of the Presidents of Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua to send plenipotentiary to a Central American Conference to be held in Guatemala, on February 22d, to revise the 1923 Central American pacts; but he requests that the inviting Presidents send him as soon as possible the project of the pacts to be presented at the Conference so that the Salvadoran Government may study them carefully in advance, taking into account the sad experience acquired because of the inefficacy and unconstitutionality of the treaty recently denounced by El Salvador and in order that the respective [Page 433]plenipotentiaries may go prepared to sign an agreement which may guarantee in an inviolable manner a frank and loyal cordiality and an advantageous cooperation among the Central American states.

Repeated to Central American missions.