816.01/411: Telegram

The Minister in Nicaragua (Lane) to the Secretary of State

30. My 28, January 25, 1 p.m.2 The President informed me this morning that in his opinion no further steps will be taken in connection with proposed conference to be held in February until government of El Salvador is recognized by Government of the United States. As soon as El Salvador is recognized by us he expects that President Ubico will make the move. He said that he personally hopes that conference will be held in “neutral” place and specifically mentioned Panama as desirable, particularly he said because of the possibility that Panama might be included within the terms of the new treaty which it is proposed should be concluded. While he said that the agenda for the proposed conference had not been officially discussed he expressed the belief that the question of the political union of the Central American States (including Panama) might be brought up. He expressed himself as being strongly in favor of such a union because of the economies which could thereby be effected by all the countries and said that the attitude of the United States Government towards such a proposal would have an important effect.

Repeated to Central American missions and Panama.

  1. Printed in vol. v, section on “Recognition of the Martínez Government of El Salvador …”