Press Release Issued by the Department of State, April 11, 1934

As regards recent reports that American aviators are going to Colombia under contract to serve in the Colombian military forces in the event of war, the Department understands that the facts are that the Colombian Government has engaged the services of American aviators to act as instructors, and that the contracts provide that in the event of a war in which Colombia might be involved the contracts will be automatically cancelled and the aviators free to return to the United States.

In this connection it should be stated that the Government of the United States disapproves of American citizens taking service in the armed forces of any foreign Government and if Americans do so it is on their sole responsibility and risk and they cannot look to their own Government for protection while in such service. Americans holding reserve commissions in our army will forfeit them if they enter the military service of a foreign country.

It is the policy of this Government, with regard to actual or potential conflicts between countries on the American continent, to give all possible assistance toward a peaceful settlement, but to refrain scrupulously from permitting its facilities to be used by either party in preparation for possible hostilities.