721.23/2180: Telegram

The Minister in Switzerland (Wilson) to the Secretary of State

233. Department’s 136, April 4, 5 p.m. With regard to second sentence of your first paragraph Secretariat states that on attempting to get into touch with Brazilian representative they find there is none available since the Minister to Bern is resigning and the Consul at Geneva being transferred. The Secretariat has addressed an urgent communication to the latter with regard to his country’s representation on the Advisory Committee through a Brazilian representative.

The Under Secretary General10 further tells me that a note has just been received from Colombia refusing to agree to a prolongation of the Leticia Commission’s mandate. While this refusal is definite the Under Secretary General does not feel that it completely closes the door to further consideration of this matter by Colombia. The note will be distributed shortly when I shall telegraph further if desirable.
Walters has heard from Paris that the Peruvian Minister there informed Barthou11 that a note from the Peruvians would probably be forthcoming breaking off the negotiations at Rio de Janeiro on the ground that they have proved a failure. Walters thinks this may foreshadow a demand from Perú that the Council deal directly with the negotiations.
  1. Francis P. Walters.
  2. Jean Louis Barthou, French Minister for Foreign Affairs.