721.23/2107: Telegram

The Minister in Switzerland (Wilson)3 to the Secretary of State

226. A confidential letter from the Secretariat informs me that alarming reports are current concerning military preparations by both [Page 322] Colombia and Peru. The letter adds that the Committee of Three set up by the Advisory Committee would be grateful to receive any information as to the state of negotiations now being carried on at Rio de Janeiro and as to prospects of the improvement in the relations between the two countries. The Committee of Three has therefore requested the Secretariat to make confidential inquiry of those Governments which are represented in Rio de Janeiro, Lima and Bogotá as to whether they have any information which they could put at the Committee’s disposal both now and during the next few months.

2. I am also informed that the Governments represented on the Committee of Three (see telegram 225, January 18, 4 p.m., third paragraph4) are already making inquiry in the three capitals mentioned.

  1. Hugh Robert Wilson, American representative on the advisory commission of the League of Nations to observe developments in the Colombian-Peruvian dispute, 1933.
  2. Not printed.