724.3415/3966: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister in Paraguay (Nicholson)

28. Department’s 27, July 27, 11 a.m. In order to avoid misapprehension you should make clear in any conversations you may have with the President or any other officials of the Government of Paraguay that the total value of the munitions destined for Bolivia which have been excepted under the terms of the Proclamation and which may consequently be shipped is $615,071.38, and that the total value of additional munitions contracted for by the Bolivian Government with American companies to which exception has been refused and which consequently cannot be shipped amounts to $2,065,421.79.

Full information in the above sense has been communicated to the Minister of Paraguay today. The latter attributed especial importance to the fact that four Condor planes whose construction was contracted for by Bolivia with the Curtiss Wright Company were not excepted and consequently will not be shipped.

Finally, you should give emphasis to the fact that no further exceptions will be made under any circumstances and consequently that no additional shipments of munitions can be made either to Paraguay or to Bolivia.