124.613/979: Telegram

The Ambassador in the Soviet Union (Steinhardt) to the Secretary of State

492. Embassy’s 491, August 31, 2 a.m. Nelson will appreciate having the Department explain to the Public Health Service the situation confronting him with regard to customs examination. In order that he may be here to protect his own interests he does not desire to leave Moscow until his household effects have been examined and a license for their exportation has been issued and for this reason he requests that the Department transmit to the Public Health Service his request that he be authorized to remain here on duty until he receives the export license.55 I shall appreciate having Nelson permitted to remain here until the matter is settled for should he depart now the Embassy will be deprived of the argument that the delay in furnishing a customs inspector constitutes a hindrance to the performance of the duties of a member of my staff.

  1. The Ambassador was advised in telegram No. 138, September 1, 1939, that the Public Health Service had given the desired permission for Dr. Nelson to remain.