811.607 New York 1939/1939: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in the Soviet Union (Steinhardt)

119. 1. The Soviet Embassy has informed the Department that the Bed Army Choir and Ensemble, composed of approximately 220 persons, all of whom are officials or employees of the Soviet Government, is planning to sail immediately for the United States in order to appear at the New York World’s Fair. The Embassy adds that the Soviet Government would be grateful if arrangements could be effected under which each member could obtain an individual visa without making a personal appearance at the Embassy at Moscow.

2. Upon appropriate assurance from the Commissariat for Foreign Affairs that the members of the aforementioned group are coming to the United States temporarily on an official mission for the Soviet Government and provided they are in possession of passports so describing them, you are authorized in your discretion to waive their personal appearance for the execution of visa applications under section 3 (1).

3. Each visa should be endorsed to show issuance as, “Government Official—U. S. S. R. Exhibition, New York World’s Fair.”

4. Cable briefly action taken and particulars of arrival, giving inclusive visa numbers.