611.6131/563: Telegram

The Chargé in the Soviet Union (Grummon) to the Secretary of State

423. Department’s telegram number 111, August 2, 7 p.m. Since the People’s Commissariat for Foreign Trade has failed to furnish [Page 834] the Embassy figures covering the value in dollars or rubles of orders placed in the United States during any of the agreement years and has also failed to furnish the value in dollars or rubles of Soviet imports from the United States and of exports thereto effected during the agreement year 1937–38 as well as during the agreement year 1938–39 except for the first 11 months in the case of the latter year, as reported in my telegrams 400, July 22 and 419, August 2, the Embassy intends, unless otherwise instructed by the Department, to insert in the blank space in the third paragraph of the Department’s telegram under reference for inclusion in the press data the value of Soviet imports from the United States as calculated by the Embassy at 65.394 million dollars on the basis of the ruble figures covering this item contained in the numbers of Statistika Vneshnei Torgovlyi SSSR (Statistics of Foreign Trade of the U. S. S. R.) for July and December 1937 and July 1938. The above calculation was made at the rate of 5 rubles 30 kopecks for 1 dollar, the official exchange value since July 19, 1937 up to the present time.

The phrase “and which was renewed for 1 year on August 5, 1938” was included in the principal note signed and exchanged yesterday.