361.1115 Robinson, Donald L./123

Press Release Issued by the Department of State, February 11, 1938

The American Chargé d’Affaires at Moscow, Mr. Loy W. Henderson has reported to the Department that he and the Second Secretary of Embassy, Mr. Angus I. Ward, on February 10 were permitted to interview Mrs. Ruth Marie Rubens in the Butyrskaya Prison at Moscow. Others present were an investigating magistrate, a Russian official who acted as interpreter and a representative of the Foreign Office. The purpose of the visit was definitely to identify Mrs. Rubens and to endeavor to establish whether she is an American citizen. Inasmuch as the investigation by the Russian authorities has not been completed questions dealing with matters connected with the official investigation could not be asked but the interview did elicit definite identification by Messrs. Henderson and Ward of Mrs. Rubens.

Mrs. Rubens stated that she is Ruth Marie Rubens and that she left New York and was in transit under the name of Rubens and entered the Soviet Union in the early part of November on a passport under the name of Ruth Norma Robinson. She said that she does not know how the Robinson passport was obtained. Her husband procured it for her and did not tell her how it was obtained or explain why.

Mrs. Rubens stated that she does not have an attorney representing her at present and that she does not desire an attorney. She made no complaint of her treatment. When asked if there was anything which the Embassy could do to make her more comfortable or to assist her she said that she was grateful for the offer of assistance but that she wanted no assistance.

Mrs. Rubens was neatly dressed and fairly well groomed.