711.00111 Armament Control/Military Secrets/1068

Memorandum by the Chief of the Office of Arms and Munitions Control ( Green )

After dinner at the Soviet Embassy last evening, the Ambassador and Mr. Rosoff, Director of Amtorg, engaged me in a conversation in regard to the battleship which the Soviet Government proposes to purchase in this country. Mr. Rosoff seemed to be thoroughly informed in regard to my recent conversation with Mr. Gibbs. He said that he understood from Mr. Gibbs that the plans for the battleship would be submitted for inspection in the very near future. Both he and the Ambassador were obviously much pleased at what they understood to be the progress recently made in connection with this proposed transaction. The Ambassador took pains to emphasize that, if his Government were permitted to purchase one battleship in this country, it would undoubtedly proceed to purchase one or two more and material for the construction of further battleships in Soviet shipyards.

Joseph C. Green