661.11241/15a: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Chargé in the Soviet Union ( Henderson )

16. In connection with representations which have been made to the Soviet Ambassador here with regard to the regime of inspection of personal effects not accompanying departing foreign diplomats as baggage which is imposed by the Soviet authorities, and to the provision for the levying on such effects of export duties or in lieu thereof an appraisal fee, please report by telegraph:

The names of departing members of the Embassy staff whose effects have been inspected a) at their dwellings, and b) at the customs house. Please state dates in each case.
The names of departing members of the staff who have been requested to pay either an export tax or an appraisal fee, and the [Page 630] amount of the tax or fee actually paid by them together with the dates on which payment was requested or made.
Such comment as you may wish to make.