361.1121 Hrinkevich, Frank/6: Telegram

The Ambassador in the Soviet Union (Davies) to the Secretary of State

291. Oral application for permission for member to interview Hrinkevich having been denied, a formal note was sent to Litvinov on October 25 pursuant to instructions of the Department. An acknowledgment was received on November 1st. In the interim I personally discussed matter with Litvinov and Stomonyakov on October 29. Yesterday immediately following the holiday season incident to the anniversary celebration55 I called upon Stomonyakov, now acting People’s Commissar for Foreign Affairs, and urged immediate action by the Soviet Government in view of the serious invasion of American rights. Stomonyakov stated that Litvinov had personally urged immediate consideration and he, Stomonyakov, would follow it up at once. The Embassy was informed orally this afternoon by the Foreign Office that the Soviet Government desires to effect Hrinkevich’s deportation as soon as his American passport is in order. Later, after inquiry, the Embassy was advised that a member of the staff may visit and interview him at once. Durbrow will proceed to Minsk tomorrow.

  1. Twentieth anniversary of the Bolshevik revolution, October 25/November 7, 1917.